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The Devil Delivered and Other Tales   Steven Erikson

The Devil Delivered and Other Tales

The New York Times Bestselling
125x200 432 страниц. 2014 год.
"The Devil Delivered" is certainly the darkest story of the lot, but it's also the compilation's crowning achievement. Erikson imagines a future society devastated by political and corporate greed, environmental degradation, disease, and war. Earth is hardly habitable and "haunted" by ghosts. The story structure is a convoluted mix of instant messaging, historic and scientific logs, and standard narrative. Reminiscent of his work in the Malazan series, the reader is plunged into the proverbial deep-end and only gradually gets his bearings in the world Erikson has created. The reader's patience and perseverance are rewarded, however, with a powerful work of speculative fiction. Erikson's comments on mankind, nature, and artificial intelligence are poignant.
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