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The Temple Mount Code   Charles Brokaw

The Temple Mount Code

400 страниц. 2011 год.
One of the world?s holiest sites hides a secret worth killing for . . . Thomas Lourds, the world?s foremost scholar of ancient languages, is contacted by an old friend, Dr Lev Strauss. A long-lost ancient scripture has been discovered which holds the key to one of the world?s greatest treasures, hidden under the legendary Temple Mount. Lourds rushes to Jerusalem to inspect Strauss?s find. But on arrival, he learns his friend has been murdered. The book has vanished. Lourds knows he must uncover the murderer and track down the missing manuscript. Because this ancient artefact contains a hidden code. A code that will give its solver access to a formidable and frightening power. The fate of humankind rests in Lourds's hands. But time is not on his side . . .
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