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Problems in Quantum Mechanics   В. И. Коган, В. М. Галицкий

Problems in Quantum Mechanics

60x88/16 376 страниц. 2000 год.
Едиториал УРСС
The present book contains one hundred and sixty problems, most of them simple, in nonrelativistic quantum mechanics. Some of these problems were used previously by the authors in their courses at the Moscow Institute of Engineering and Physics. However, the majority were drawn up or selected in the course of work on the book. This book is designed for physics students who are studying quantum mechanics approximately at the level of D.I.Blokhintsev's book or Part II of "Theoretical Physics" by A.S.Kompaneyts. A number of problems is intended primarily for students who are beginning to specialize in theoretical physics and who are partially familiar with the contents of "Quantum Mechanics" by L.D.Landau and Ye.M.Lifshits. Some problems illustrate individual theoretical questions which have scarcely been considered in textbooks: sudden and adiabatic changes; Heisenberg representation of operators; probability relations in addition of momenta; isotopic spin; parity; and others....
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