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An Analysis of Urban Housing Quality in a Developing Economy   Godwin Ekop

An Analysis of Urban Housing Quality in a Developing Economy

288 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The availability and access to hygienic bathroom, kitchen and toilet form the crucial factors and maintain a huge impact on the quality of life as well as standard of residential housing. Housing encompasses all the personal safety and security, ancillary social services which are necessary for human wellbeing. As a major investment, standard housing makes significant contributions to economic and social development of any society. In a developing economy, as the case in Calabar Metropolis, the design of comfortable housing unit involves taking into account the spatial responses to the enclosed environment as well as the sociological and physiological responses emanating from the socio-cultural norms of the occupants. This is an important textbook for students of Urban Geography, Settlement and Population Geography in Universities and Colleges. It will further provide useful information for scholars or researchers of housing quality and social housing in developing countries.
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