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Heavy metal levels in lichens, soils, sediments and water bodies   LOUIS KWAME BOAMPONSEM

Heavy metal levels in lichens, soils, sediments and water bodies

148 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Mining and industrial processing are among the main sources of heavy metals contamination in the environment. Heavy metals may accumulate to toxic level which can cause a potential risk to human health. Air, soil and water pollution monitoring and assessment of mining areas are therefore imperative for sustainable environment. This book which is based on a research study conducted in Ghana gives an insight on how the levels of ten heavy metals in air, soils and water samples can be monitored in a mining area. This book explores how pollution can be quantified using indices. It also explains how multivariate statistical analysis can be integrated into the identification of pollution sources. It will provide a valuable tool in developing assessment strategies for effective air, soil and water monitoring studies in vicinities exposed to gold mining and other industrial activities.
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