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Low-cost Synthesis of Semiconductors for Dye-sensitized solar cells   Vidyasagar C. C. and Arthoba Nayaka

Low-cost Synthesis of Semiconductors for Dye-sensitized solar cells

168 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
LEADING ENERGY CRISIS As the world is becoming advanced in technology and economy, more energy is being consumed to keep up the development. In order to combat this impending energy crisis, and the catastrophic consequences of global warming, carbon-free alternative energy sources will need to be used to meet the ever increasing global energy demand. The increasing energy demand will probably be met with a combination of bio-energy, nuclear energy, hydroelectric power, solar power, geothermal power, natural gas and wind power. The sun deposits 4.3 x 1020 J of energy onto the earth in one hour, which is more energy than mankind consumes in one year. Of the 174 PW that reaches the earth’s outer atmosphere, 86 PW still reaches the earth’s surface; the other 88 PW being absorbed or reflected by the atmosphere. Using a combination of the renewable sources would provide more than enough energy for sustainability but solar alone could also accomplish this. If only 0.16% of the earth’s...
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