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Physicochemical Properties of Conducting Polymers   Prabir Nandi

Physicochemical Properties of Conducting Polymers

156 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Over the last 100 years studies on conducting polymers, better known as polyelectrolytes (PEs)have been intensive. Physicochemical properties of PE solutions have been studied for several decades, but a satisfactory and quantitavive theoretical explanation for the complex behaviour of PEs solution is still awaited. therefore present treatment of the PE behaviour is incomplete and that some fundamental new views are required to gain a full understanding. Keeping in view of widening fields of applications based on the specific properties of the PEs, it, thus, appears that the situation is far from satisfactory. In recent years, the study of PEs has seen a revival stimulated by the use of newly available experimental techniques and the introduction of new theoretical approaches. Although new insight has been gained, no real breakthrough has been realized so far and much remains to be done.The present book, therefore, aims at elucidating the solution behaviour of a selected PE...
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