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Some New Trends Adapting Nanotechnology for Dyes   Fatma Abd El-Rahman Taher

Some New Trends Adapting Nanotechnology for Dyes

216 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The interest in the preparation and application of nanometer size materials is increasing since they can exhibit properties of great industrial interest. Several techniques have been proposed to produce nanomaterials using miniemulsion polymerization. This work includes preparing nano disperse dyes via modified miniemulsion polymerization under several reaction parameters including the speed and time of agitation, surfactant nature and its amount, absence and presence of dye, initiator nature and the presence of a crosslinker to assess the influence of these factors on the morphology and particle size of the final latex particles, discovering the newly expected features for nano disperse dyes by doing tests and evaluations of the nanocolorants, using these nanocolorants in the dyeing of micro polyester fabric with dyestuff and its nanocolorants after determination the main affecting factors on the dyeing process(pH, temperatures, time and initial dye concentration), and then comparing...
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