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Magnetic Materials on Pharmaceutical Technology   Sarute Ummartyotin,Worapapar Treesuppharat and Hathaikarn Manuspiya

Magnetic Materials on Pharmaceutical Technology

80 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
More than 10 years of studying and researching in materials science and engineering, I have been extensively focused on many types of materials for any possible application for both industrial and academic community. In this book chapter, we wish to present on the role of magnetic materials for pharmaceutical technology. At the beginning, the overview on magnetic material, concept of magnetic as well as category of magnetic have been reviewed; after that numerous approaches of magnetic materials on pharmaceutical technology has consequently declared. Additionally, we hopefully think that my experience for over 10 years on materials science and engineering research, especially on magnetic materials will be useful for readers in many research areas such as academic professor, researcher, student as well as industrial partner. Last, but not least, we wish to thank for all support. The continual encouragement from family and colleagues is deeply and sincerely appreciated.
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