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Self-Assemblies of Surfactants as Solubilization Reservoirs   Surinder Mehta and Savita Chaudhary

Self-Assemblies of Surfactants as Solubilization Reservoirs

168 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The applications of colloidal systems have immensely affected the human progress. In Surface Science, surfactants are the most resourceful products of the chemical industry, emerging in varied products.The last decade has seen the extension of surfactant applications to high-technology areas such as electronic printing, magnetic recording, biotechnology, microelectronics, nanoparticle synthesis, drug delivery, and much more. This book is a comprehensive reference that provides a whole and systematic assessment of all areas affecting micellar performance, discussing the fundamental characteristic of micelles and applications of colloidal dispersions that have been developed over the past decade. The hydrophobic core of micelles has also been used as a cargo space for encapsulation of a variety of sparingly soluble therapeutic and diagnostic agents such as organoselenium derivatives. The book has been organized to facilitate its use as quick reference as well as a general information...
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