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A New Chemical Treatment Technique for Paper Documents Preservation   Emad H. M. Kamal and S. M. Sayyah

A New Chemical Treatment Technique for Paper Documents Preservation

332 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Recently the using of erasable ball pen increased the likelihood of erased or decolorized writing in ink featuring in criminal activity in which these inks were used frequently throughout our lives to signed or writing documents , thus the writing by these inks can be removed by rubber eraser,converted the valid documents to forged documents.Therefore an adequate and accurate approaches and treatments for the protection of paper documents and writing by erasable inks in these documents are urgently needed . This work is in progress to achieve a deeper insight to establish the application of the graft copolymerization method using vinyl comonomers as a new technique for document preservation and opens the way to preservation and restoration of cellulosic paper sheet , which belong to the field of cultural heritage . Our work alerts the forensic science community to the existence of the erasable ball pen and the possibility to contribute in the development of criminal activity...
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