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The Use of Integrated Analytical Tools   Mohamed Abdel Gawad Zayed

The Use of Integrated Analytical Tools

288 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This research is succeeded in anal.of Egyptn. phosphate ores to make a geolog. map of Upper Egypt rare earths.It used also in anal.of some Egyptian rocks and ceramics and kouleen ores;which helps the manufacture of simple inorg. salts and some kinds of Egyptn.ceramics used in industry of human bones.It creating new methodology for food anal.,food fortification and its storing.It used in Anal.of potable and underg.water helping to evaluate the River Nile Water Quality.It do successful integration between pract. and theoret. methods for drug analysis.It is also ued for monitoring of phosphate anodizing bathes to solve the problem in military plant 99.It integrated between different analytical techniques to give analyses and complete picture of organ. and inorg. constituents of some Egyptian plants.It applied for evaluation of soil amendments added to sandy soils.It applied to remedy toxicity of phenolic compounds.It evaluated some double base propellants stabilizers...
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