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Effect of Warm-Up on Selected Soccer Skill Performance   Biswajit Sardar and Kavita Verma

Effect of Warm-Up on Selected Soccer Skill Performance

64 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The term warming-up is applied to the preliminary activities and exercises that the players carry out for physical and mental preparation prior to training Session or a match. Warming-up has got both physiological and Psychological advantage on the sportsmen. Prior to any physical activity or a match it helps the Sportsmen to reach the point where he says - “it's time to begin, I am completely ready". "General Preparation in warming-up is to tune up the muscles, to improve mobility of joints, ligaments and mental alertness for optimizing functioning of the body organs." Warming-up is an introduction to the preparation of whole body for fulfilling the demands of training or match. In Warm-up players go through a series of physical movements of general nature for the whole body that includes jogging, striding, stretching. Warm-up plays an important role in enhancing performance of sportsmen in various games and sports. Warm-up is more vital for those activities in which quick movement...
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