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Layered Chalcogenides for Hydrogen Storage   Mahmoud Madian,Nahla Ismail and Amin A. El-Meligi

Layered Chalcogenides for Hydrogen Storage

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Hydrogen is an ideal energy carrier with dual benefits, being clean for environment and being renewable. The Hydrogen Energy is the key issues and actions that are crucial to achieve a changeover to hydrogen energy applications as it relates to stationary and on-board applications.Hydrogen storage is most challenge to make the application into economic level. This book introduces new hydrogen storage family, which can help to solve hydrogen storage problem. Layered materials of the structure, MPS3, where M stands for transition metals and other metals, e.g. Mg, are investigated to store hydrogen. In this book the present work reports the results of a study in synthesis and characterization of a new material to be used in hydrogen storage.
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