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Solid-State Chemistry of Crystal Hydrates   Maurice Oduor Okoth

Solid-State Chemistry of Crystal Hydrates

280 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Solid-state chemistry is a crucial part of modern chemical science. Contemporary discussions of structure-property relationships are very useful in pharmaceuticals. However, there is general lack of comprehensive literature for solid-state enthusiasts. In this book, using techniques like crystallization, physicochemical studies and X-ray diffraction, structures are solved. Thermal dehydration and rehydration reactions of the solids are unveiled by modeling and microscopy. The study clearly links macroscopic observable properties to the microscopic molecular structure of chemical solids. The choice of study materials range from the simple Oxalic acid to the structurally more complex Calcium mupirocin. This is because the understanding of simple molecules is crucial to the elucidation of the structure-property relationships of the more complex molecules. This book has been written in a logical manner and designed to provide an integrated approach to experimental development to...
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