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Essentials of Chemistry   Lateef Adebayo Oseni

Essentials of Chemistry

264 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
From many years of teaching experience, I know the difficulties students face as they begin to acquire a chemist’s view of the world. I strongly believe that a textbook must connect observation- in the everyday world and in the laboratory- to the principles of chemistry. My approach is anchored in a student’s experience and then goes beyond the perceived, to help students visualize entities they cannot directly see. This book is written primarily for undergraduate science and allied science students who in the beginning of their university studies receive education in basic general chemical principles. The aim of this book is to introduce, explain and clarify important terms and concepts which the students are supposed to be familiar with. The book gives a great supplement to the education within chemistry. Many assignments, self-study questions and worked examples are given in the book. The book is divided into fourteen chapters covering the introductory parts of...
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