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Sorption of Toxic Phenols on Clay   PREETI SAGAR NAYAK and SIDDARTH NAYAK

Sorption of Toxic Phenols on Clay

188 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The range of topics addressed in this publication is considerable from phenols and nitro substituted toxic phenols to low cost clay. The study examines the effectiveness of nearly inexpensive sorbent clay in removing phenols from wastewater by sorption. The influences of various factors, such as particle size, pH, concentration and temperature on the sorption capacity have been studied. This study showed that clay could be used as an efficient sorbent material for the sorption of phenols from aqueous solutions. Langmuir isotherm and Kinetics adsorption constants were calculated and it is seen that the sorption data for phenols onto clay fitted well in this model. The study is important for designing batch reactor treatment plant for phenolic effluents where continuous removal can be achieved on a large scale. This publication represents an advanced textbook for graduate students and as well as offering to research workers who are working in the field of adsorption. The publication...
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