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Liquid-Liquid Separations   Joost de Folter

Liquid-Liquid Separations

268 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Exciting new technology involving liquid-liquid extraction and chromatography is becoming increasingly used by industry. There is a need in the development of new drugs to predictably model and scale up such processes from analysis to process & manufacturing. The research challenge is in being able to model all potential operating scenarios and modes of operation. In addition, new and innovative methods of visualization are urgently required in order to educate industry to take on this exciting new technology. This book describes the research and development of such a model realized as a usable tool that deploys interactivity and visualization, and its validation. The model software demonstrates the potential to be a valuable tool for industry for predicting, evaluating and validating experimental separations and production processes. While effective models already exist, the use of interactive visualization permits exploration of the relationship between parameters and performances...
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