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An overview on the treatment of oil spill using sorbent materials   Thanaa Abdel-Moghny and Mohamed Keshawy

An overview on the treatment of oil spill using sorbent materials

140 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Marine oil spills are the most important threat to the coastal environment and ecosystems of the sea. Furthermore, oil spills are responsible for the great loss of energy resources. Treatment of oil spills has become an important task of environmental protection to avoid pollution to water and fatal destruction to biodiversity, as a result of the huge economic and environmental destruction from oil spills. Studies have been directed at improving and deploying the techniques commonly used in the oil spills treatment that include booms, dispersants, skimmers, sorbents etc. The use of sorbents is of great interest, as it allows the collection and complete removal of oil by achieving a change from liquid to semi-solid phase. This work includes the problem of oil spill pollution and discus the different methods using for treatment of oil spill, it is also focusing on the different types of sorbent materials especially natural modified sorbent materials based on cellulosic materials. ...
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