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Acetylated Rice Husks for Oil Spill Sorption   Emeka Thompson Nwankwere,Casimir Emmanuel Gimba and James Adagadzu Kagbu

Acetylated Rice Husks for Oil Spill Sorption

140 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Oil spillage as a pressing environmental issue in the Nigerian Niger Delta has led to the investigation and development of Agricultural wastes as sorbents for spillage cleanup. The properties of rice husks, an available agro-based waste that is abundant in most parts of Nigeria, have been investigated and improved upon by acetylation. The Authors have provided, clearly and accessibly, a detailed study of the methods and effect of improving the oil sorption properties rice husks. The results of this investigation presents acetylated rice husks as materials that could be used for cleansing aquatic environments, mangroves and wetlands of spilled oil films arising from exploration and exploitation of crude and refined petroleum products. This indispensible reference is an essential reading for everyone concerned with oil spill cleanup in mangroves and wetlands, providing strategies for the converstion of Agricultural wastes to oil spill sorbents.
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