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Dog Biscuit   Cooper, Helen

Dog Biscuit

2014 год.
This is the story of a girl called Bridget. Bridget is very hungry. But because Mum is so busy looking after Bridget's little brother, she hasn't even noticed! So Bridget steals a biscuit from the shed. The only problem with these biscuits is that they are not meant for human beings, they're meant for dogs! But the biscuit tasted good . . . Bridget feels much better until Mrs Blair tells her that eating dog biscuits turns humans into dogs! When Mrs Blair's dog winks at her, Bridget becomes even more worried, and when the Butcher calls her a 'good little pup' she is convinced that Mrs Blair is right - she is turning into a dog . . . Is it really happening, or is it all Bridget's imagination? Find out in this wonderful new adventure from award-winning author-illustrator, Helen Cooper.
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