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Collins English for Business: Listening (+ CD-ROM)   Ian Badger

Collins English for Business: Listening (+ CD-ROM)

Collins English for Business
190x245 128 страниц. 2011 год.
HarperCollins Publishers, Collins
Do you find certain accents difficult to understand? Do you get nervous before conference calls in English? Would you like help understanding voicemails? "Collins English for Business: Listening" will help you to understand what people are saying in English - however they say it. All the recordings on the CD feature real people talking about their life and work. You can choose to work on the units that are most relevant to you, or work through the whole book for a full course in business listening. Twenty 4-page units feature authentic recordings of native and non-native speakers with exercises and vocabulary work to help you understand differences in pronunciation and vocabulary; The real language of business English taken from the Cobuild corpus; Recordings feature interviews, face-to-face meetings, socialising, conference calls and voicemails; Topics include working in English globally, cross-cultural negotiation and planning a business trip. ...
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