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Wordsworth's Great Period Poems   Marjorie Levinson

Wordsworth's Great Period Poems

140x215 184 страниц. 2009 год.
Cambridge University Press
This highly original study presents rereadings of four major poems from Wordsworth's great period of creativity. 1798-1805: "Tintern Abbey." "Michael." the Intimations Ode. "Peele Castle." The Author's concern is to reveal within the profound philosophic and psychic themes of these poems a range of formative contradictions - social, economic, and political. Professor Levinson traces these binds to the determining conflicts of the age - e.g., the vicissitudes of the French Revolution, social and topographical change in England - and she investigates the special challenge these conflicts set for writers such as Wordsworth who had reached intellectual maturity by way of the ideals of the Enlightenment. This book is not to be categorized as an illustrative contextual study. The author's project is to articulate the network of relations binding textual truths to social, historical, and political truths, and. through a materialist attention to verbal detail, to disclose...
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