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Red Notice   Andy McNab

Red Notice

110x175 464 страниц. 2013 год.
Deep beneath the English Channel on a Paris-bound express, a crack team of East European terrorists has taken four hundred hostages at gunpoint - and declared war on a British government with more than its own fair share of secrets to keep. One man stands in their way. Tom Buckingham, an off-duty SAS soldier, is on-board the train. He is the only chance the passengers and crew have of survival. With only a failing mobile to contact the outside world, he must use all his tradecraft and know-how to take out the enemy and secure the train. But the odds are stacked against him - twelve battle-hardened, tooled-up veterans of a bitter civil war to his one, unarmed and injured. And little does he know that someone on his own side is determined that no-one will get out of that tunnel alive...
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