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Speaking Extra: A Resource Book of Multi-Level Skills Activities (+ CD-ROM)   Mick Gammidge

Speaking Extra: A Resource Book of Multi-Level Skills Activities (+ CD-ROM)

220x295 128 страниц. 2012 год.
Cambridge University Press
Speaking Extra is a lively collection of over 50 easy-to-use photocopiable speaking activities designed for use with young adults (16+) and adults. The material offers teachers a refreshing approach to 18 familiar topics and can easily be used to supplement existing coursebooks. The topic areas are explored in units which each have three independent activities for use with elementary, intermediate or upper-intermediate level. Contains photocopiable activities with clear, step-by-step instructions that provide instant supplementary speaking lessons for busy teachers. Provides material for students of all levels, from elementary to upper-intermediate, making it an excellent resource for every staffroom. Is organised around carefully selected topics that can be easily slotted into any lesson. Engages and motivates students with meaningful tasks in realistic contexts. Encourages students to practise a range of speaking skills including...
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