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Master the New SAT  

Master the New SAT

215x280 1008 страниц. 2016 год.
Peterson's Master the New SAT 2016 has been completely updated and provides a wealth of test-taking strategies and skill-building exercises to prepare students for the Redesigned SAT. Students can benefit greatly from the extensive subject reviews for Reading, Writing and Language, Math-No Calculator, and Math-Calculator test sections of the SAT. The book's full-length Diagnostic Test with detailed answer explanations helps students determine their strengths and weaknesses, and the numerous exercises will surely boost students' test-prep confidence. The 5 additional full-length practice tests in the book, plus exclusive access to 3 online, will help students score high on test day. In addition, the updated Parents' Guide to College Admission Testing, provides valuable advice for parents to help keep their children on track and survive this most stressful time. Also includes a free copy of Peterson's Ultimate Word Success eBook to help boost their vocabulary skills.
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