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Yoga School Dropout   Lucy Edge

Yoga School Dropout

125x195 356 страниц. 2006 год.
Ebury Press
After over a decade spent working and drinking too much in the world of advertising, Lucy decided she'd had enough of debating what song sunflowers should sing and went in search of a more meaningful way of life. She'd find a guru and strip away the ego, merging her Eternal Self with cosmic bliss. She'd return a Yoga Goddess - a magnetic babe attracting strong and sweaty, yet emotionally vulnerable, men with her pretzel-like body and compassionate grace. When she got there she found the relentless obsession with self-perfection rather shallower than expected. What began to seduce her was India itself. Did she come home looking like Christy Turlington? Or did something funnier and more interesting happen? Did she fall in love - with a place and its people? Yoga School Dropout is an emotional journey, a divine comedy on the Western obsession with life's deeper meaning, a yogic experiment and a love letter to India.
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