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Backpack 1: British English: Audio CDs (аудиокурс CD)   Mario Herrera, Diane Pinkley

Backpack 1: British English: Audio CDs (аудиокурс CD)

2005 год.
Pearson Longman
Reach into BACKPACK and discover a course packed full of exciting activities and bursting with opportunities to learn English. This 7-level course focuses on getting young learners to enjoy communicating in English and takes a highly integrated approach to developing grammar, vocabulary and all four language skills. Throughout BACKPACK there is a lively mix of illustration, photography, chants, songs, games, TPR and project work. - Enjoyable topics and activities involve learners straightaway; - Clear and logical lesson plans that are easy to follow; - Pull-out Little Books (Starter - level 3) and Magazine spreads (levels 4-6); - Workbooks and Flashcards provide opportunities for extra practice and reinforcement; - Videos and CD-Roms offer variety; - Teacher's Book with tests and extra ideas; - The Audio material features all the dialogues, chants and pronunciation activities.
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