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English World: Level 8: Workbook (+ CD-ROM)   Mary Bowen, Liz Hocking, Wendy Wren

English World: Level 8: Workbook (+ CD-ROM)

215x275 144 страниц. 2012 год.
Macmillan Education
ENGLISH WORLD is a 10-level course created by the best-selling authors of titles such as Way Ahead and Macmillan English. It offers a unique blend of first- language learning and teaching methodology combined with the needs of the non-native student. A wealth of reading material is presented as the vehicle for teaching grammar accuracy, along with fluency in writing, speaking and listening, and strategies for vocabulary building. Key features of the course include: a variety of text types, with a focus on crossycurricular themes and content; emphasis on critical thinking through detailed reading comprehension activities; key vocabulary presentation and extension by activating students' prior knowledge; grammar, studied and practised using contextualised examples and a dedicated Grammar in use page; a three-stage approach to writing, promoting learner autonomy; realistic listening material presented as the basis for...
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