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The Brain Full Of Holes   Martin Chatterton

The Brain Full Of Holes

338 страниц. 2012 год.
Read How You Want
Thinking about stuff was all well and good, but Sheldon would have liked a bit less thinking and a lot more action. Couldn't Theo tell that things were getting weirder by the minute? Switzerland is not famous for being a silly country. But why are so many silly things happening? Holes are disappearing from cheese. Doppelgngers, cuckoo clocks and angry geese are running amok in the Alps. Not to mention flying cows! All Sheldon McGlone wants is some peace and quiet. He's left Australia, he's trying to get used to his new life, and he's just fallen in love. But when your step-brother is Theo Brain, the world's youngest super sleuth, getting any peace and quiet is about as unlikely as Urs Bupka winning the Eurovisionara Song Contest.
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