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Join Us for English 2: Activity Book   Gunter Gerngross, Herbert Puchta

Join Us for English 2: Activity Book

Join In
195x285 64 страниц. 2012 год.
Cambridge University Press
Join Us for English is a restructured and fully updated edition of the successful Join In. This exciting course for young learners provides a motivating and enjoyable way to learn English. It has been revised to tie in with Common European Framework guidelines and includes many new picture stories and songs. Join Us for English is easy to use and fun for the class. Children will love joining in the songs and action stories with Pit and Pat the wizards, Toby the Tiger and Magic the Cat! Restructured for greater ease of use and clear lesson progression. The course is based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences and contains a variety of activities to meet the needs of children with different learning styles. Colourful illustrations and video sequences bring the Total Physical Response action stories to life. Writing activities from Level 2 onwards are ideal for CEF Portfolio building.
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