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Learning Stars: Level 2: Activity Book   Jeanne Perrett, Jill Leighton

Learning Stars: Level 2: Activity Book

215x275 64 страниц. 2014 год.
Macmillan Education
"Learning Stars" is a high level course for children learning English for the first time. The course includes a systematic phonics programme with reading and writing, with a separate Maths Book introducing early number concepts. The course builds to school readiness and has a strong assessment strand to ensure children have the skills and capabilities to begin full-time schooling. Funny and entertaining stories featuring appealing characters; Language practised in natural dialogues using drama and role play; Cross-curricular pages in every unit covering science, nature and a range of child-friendly Early Years topics; Memorable and lively songs and chants help children to retain language; Simple but ertjoyable craft activities; Teacher's Digibook includes a page-faithful Pupil's Book plus flashcards and an animated handwriting tool to model correct word and number formation.
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