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Real Life: Elementary: Interactive DVD  

Real Life: Elementary: Interactive DVD

2010 год.
Pearson Education Limited
Real Time follows the Benton family on their summer holiday in Cornwall, with its beautiful countryside, beaches and fantastic places to visit (including the Eden Project). For Anna and Mark, it's a chance to learn how to surf, to hang out and make new friends. Real Time Pre-lntermediate DVD is ideal for students using Real Life Pre-lntermediate Students' Book. The functional language from the book comes alive in authentic contexts and real life situations. Special features of this DVD: Interactive exercises - use your TV remote control or the arrows on your computer. Simple scene and episode selection with easy-to-use menus. Subtitles option. Real Life Teacher's Resources on the Active Teach (ISBN 9781405897246) and the Website have worksheets for each episode of this DVD and extensive teacher's notes with lots of ideas for exploiting each episode.
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