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Multimedia Cards of Chinese Characters (+CD-ROM, CD)  

Multimedia Cards of Chinese Characters (+CD-ROM, CD)

150x220 800 страниц. 2016 год.
The Set of Cards Includes the 800 Most Commonly Used Chinese Characters. It Will Improve Learners' Ability to Read And Write Chinese Characters Efficiently. Words Made up with the Character, And Sentences Made up with the Words Will Deepen Learners' Understanding of the Characters. It is Suitable for Non-Native Chinese Speakers And Overseas Chinese. Each Character is Accompanied by Pinyin, Illustrations, Two or More Words, And One Sentence (Mostly in the Fields of Daily Life, Study, Entertainment, Work, Travel, And Business), Covering a Vocabulary of 3000 Characters. The Non-Simplified Form of the Characters are Also Given for Reference. (Simplified Characters are Mainly Used in Mainland China, While the Non-Simplified Characters are Still in use in Many Overseas Areas. We Suggest Learners Study the Simplified Character, And Have Some Knowledge of Non-Simplified Characters). Apart from 100 Characters in Each Set, it Also Introduces Some Knowledge About...
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