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Double Dealing C1: Business English Course: Student's Book (+ CD)   James Schofield & Evan Frendo

Double Dealing C1: Business English Course: Student's Book (+ CD)

Double Dealing
220x275 112 страниц. 2006 год.
Summertown Publishing Ltd
Two consultants are selected to join the Special Projects Team. We follow them as they deal with a whole range of business crises which take them from the UK to Switzerland, Japan and the Caucasus. On the way we come into contact with a variety of business tasks including making presentations, negotiating deals, writing status reports, mediating disputes, and writing complex emails on sensitive topics. Double Dealing C1 is for students aiming to reach the C1 level according to the Common European Framework (CEF). By the end of the course students will have made significant progress towards the language ability outlined in the CEF C1 descriptor. Double Dealing has: five powerful case-study style storylines to motivate students and stimulate learning a strong focus on authentic business lexis a systematic cross-cultural input a pragmatic approach to grammar and functions a wide variety of business and...
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