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Super Starters Pupil's Book: An Activity-Based Course for Young Learners   Wendy Superfine, Judy West

Super Starters Pupil's Book: An Activity-Based Course for Young Learners

210x295 88 страниц. 2011 год.
Дельта Паблишинг
Super Starters is the first in a three-level course for young learners and is aimed at children aged 7-9 years. It is an ideal preparation course for the Cambridge Young Learners English Starters Test. Super Starters links to the Cambridge Starters Test in the following ways: - it is based on the new, revised Starters syllabus for 2007. - it contains vocabulary and structures listed in the Starters syllabus. - it provides listening dialogues which are similar to those in the Test. - it practises all test-paper types. - it includes a full sample Starters Test. - it makes learning English and preparing for the Test fun! Super Starters also offers: - a wide variety of motivating activities, aimed at engaging pupils' natural interests and enthusiasm to help them learn English. - an emphasis on speaking and listening with reading and writing introduced in a natural progression. - extensive recycling and revision of key language.
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