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Grammar with Laughter: Photocopiable Exercises for Instant Lessons   George Woolard

Grammar with Laughter: Photocopiable Exercises for Instant Lessons

220x295 94 страниц. 2012 год.
Cengage Learning, National Geographic Learning
GRAMMAR WITH LAUGHTER is a photocopiable resource book for teachers. It contains 82 lessons each dealing with a different area of English grammar. Each worksheet is based on 8 D 10 jokes which illustrate a particular grammar point. The lessons are intended to supplement what has been presented in class. The contents cover all the following major grammar points which appear in coursebooks and grammar books: - Tenses; - Modal verbs; - Conditionals; - Passives; - Verb patterns; - Articles, Pronouns, etc; - Adjectives and Adverbs; - Clauses; - Questions and Reported Speech; - Prepositions. GRAMMAR WITH LAUGHTER is designed to bring humour into the teaching of grammar to show students that serious language work can be fun. Humour makes learning both more enjoyable and more memorable. - 82 lessons; - Answer key; - Motivating; - Ready-made lessons for the busy teacher. GRAMMAR WITH LAUGHTER is not just a...
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