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Wings   Steel, Danielle


2014 год.
From her family's dusty farmland airstrip near Chicago, the child Cassie O'Malley would look at the planes sitting shimmering in the moonlight. Her First World War veteran father Pat wanted his son to be a pilot, not his reckless red-haired daughter. But ever since she could remember, Cassie had felt the pull of taking to the skies. Her father's junior partner, Nick 'Stick' Galvin, a fellow air ace and airborne daredevil, was willing to break all the rules to teach her to fly, knowing that the greatest gift he could give her was the freedom of flying. Soon, Cassie was breaking new ground in aviation by becoming a test pilot, and her record-breaking flights soon made her a media darling. Risking her life, pushing herself to her limits, in a world preparing for the Second World War, she decided to chart her own course and pursue her own destiny, whatever it cost her. Wings is set in a time of constant change, when the world was on the brink of war and the skies were filled with...
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