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He's the One   Katie Price

He's the One

140x220 384 страниц. 2013 год.
A passionate story of lost love and second chances, from the bestselling Katie Price. Twenty-year-old Liberty is beautiful, ambitious and dreams of making it as an actress. She is also a single mother and has a three-year old daughter, Brooke. Living with her mother, she supports her daughter by modelling and working as a waitress. Then, over one perfect summer, Liberty meets and falls in love with Cory, a young American taking time off from university. But Liberty never feels good enough for him, and when she meets his university friends, she feels it's only fair to let him go. Heartbroken, Cory leaves to go back to the States. Liberty, meanwhile, suddenly gets the break she's been praying for. Zac, a TV director has seen her picture and wants her to audition for a role in LA. And so, Liberty and Brooke begin a new phase of their lives. Suddenly, she is successful, but she can't forget Cory. Until news of his engagement reaches her, and she finally...
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