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A Wicked Pursuit   Isabella Bradford

A Wicked Pursuit

A Breconridge Brothers Novel
105x175 368 страниц. 2014 год.
Ballantine Books
When Charles "Harry" Fitzroy, Earl of Hargreave, begins his hunt for a bride, it doesn't take him long to settle on the belle of the season: the beautiful Lady Julia Barclay. At once, they are regarded as the golden couple and their betrothal is all but settled. But their plans are foiled when an injury leaves Harry at the Barclay's country house with just Julia's sister to attend to him. Though secretly dazzled by the earl, Harry's ill-mannered temper brings out Lady Augusta's prickly side and she demands he shape up and act like a man of his station. They soon become friends, and their uneasy truce gradually blossoms into love. Charmed by Gus's wit and thoughtfulness, Harry discovers he wants nothing more than to make her his future wife. All that's stopping him is convincing Gus that she's the sister who holds his heart...
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