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Blossom Street Brides (аудиокнига на 9 CD)   Debbie Macomber

Blossom Street Brides (аудиокнига на 9 CD)

2014 год.
Random House Audio
After adopting her pre-teen daughter, Lydia hoped her family would be perfectly complete, but things take a dreadful turn when painful memories from Casey's past start to come to the surface. Coping with the drama at home is difficult, but the one aspect of Lydia's life that continues to thrive is her popular yarn shop, which has become a meeting place for knitters and friends to gather. One such customer is Bethanne Hamlin, whose long-distance marriage is getting more and more difficult to maneuver, in spite of the fact that she's still madly in love with her husband. Then there's Eliza Thompson who is visiting the shop for the first time to learn how to knit a gift for her sister's new baby. The project has made Eliza realize that her own baby clock is ticking away, but her longtime boyfriend doesn't seem interested in taking the next step in their relationship. As each woman works through her own personal crisis, the one thing that remains a constant source of comfort and support...
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