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Playing With Fire   Katie Macalister

Playing With Fire

110x180 346 страниц. 2010 год.
The Heat is on...Despite her Unique Ability to Protect Herself by Hiding in the Shadows, May's on the run for Breaking Otherworld Law. And she's also in Hiding from her Demon Boss, Magoth, who is Absolutely Determined to Seduce her. But then May Meets Gabriel. The Most Gorgeously, Broodingly, Handsome Piece of Trouble you can Imagine. Sparks fly - Quite Literally - when she Discovers he's Actually a Shapeshifting Dragon. And the Passion that Burns Between them Makes it Look Like he Could be the One to take her out of the Shadows for Good. That is, Until Magoth Orders May to Steal one of Gabriel's Treasures. And she Really Does Have to Decide if she's up to Playing with Fire...
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