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A Whiff of Scandal   Carole Matthews

A Whiff of Scandal

125x195 384 страниц. 2013 год.
This was a cute book, but definitely not worth paying $12.95! Matthews was clever to preface several chapters with descriptions of aromatherapy combinations to describe the characters and emotions in the book. That was a fun touch. It was a light read and the 344 pages went by very quickly. The end of course, was predictable. Matthews introduced several characters and subplots and wrote just enough information about each character and substory to get the reader interested, but she left the reader hanging by leaving out what could have been very juicy and scandalous parts of the book. For example, she could have expounded more on what what happened between Dan and Gardi after Dan spent the night at Rose's house. Matthews could have filled the reader in on the details about what Gardi was doing when she went "shopping" all day to get back at Dan. Matthews could have also elaborated on the reaction from Frank when he found out the truth...
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