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New Snapshot: Intermediate Level: Students' Book   Brian Abbs, Chris Barker, Ingrid Freebairn

New Snapshot: Intermediate Level: Students' Book

210x295 144 страниц. 2004 год.
Revised and updated on the basis of wide teacher feedback, New Snapsh Intermediate combines exciting new features with the tried and tested approach of the first edition, ensuring that the course remains one which teachers can trust and students love. With New Snapshot Intermediate you can: Capture students' interest and imagination through real characters and language, up-to-the minute teenage topics and pop songs Bring language to life with eye-catching Talking Picture' pages, leading to discussions, roleplays and project work Broaden students' reading experience with extracts from popular modern literature Improve written accuracy and fluency through regular 'Writing Skills' pages, which explore a variety of text types Provide extra support with the unique Language Booster - a Workbook and Grammar Builder in one, now with extra 'Boost Your Writing' sections to further improve students' performance in this key skills area. A four-level course that...
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