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Wings   Danielle Steel


464 страниц. 1995 год.
In "Wings", bestselling novelist Danielle Steel tells the story of a young woman who fights the odds of her times and becomes a world-renowned aviator. From a house on the edge of her family's dusty farmland airstrip near Chicago, the child Cassie O'Malley would sneak into the night to look at the planes sitting shimmering in the moonlight. Her World War I veteran father, Pat, wanted his son to be a pilot, not his reckless, redhaired daughter. But it was Cassie who had the gift. Observing all the while was her father's junior partner, Nick "Stick" Qalvin, a fellow war ace and airborne daredevil, nick would become her confidant and best friend, willing to break all the rules to teach her to fly. When entrepreneur Desmond Williams sees Cassie in a local air show he invites her to California, where she breaks new ground in aviation by becoming a test pilot. Drawn by Desmond's plans for her to break Amelia Earhart's records, but determined to avoid her mistakes, Cassie trains...
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