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The Gift of Girls   Thurlow, Chloe

The Gift of Girls

2014 год.
Magdalena Wallace is good at maths and scores a great summer job as an intern at city accountants Roche-Marshall where she is trusted to check accounts. She doesn't tell her boss, the darkly mysterious Simon Roche, that she works nights as a waitress at Rebels Casino dressed in fishnets and a corset. Magdalena is desperate. She needs the money. When Magdalena learns a 'secret' system from a high-roller, she plays the tables and loses her university savings. She then dips into clients' money and loses that as well. What's more, Simon Roche has found out. Should he go to the police and report Magdalena, or will she agree to be his slave until the debt is paid? She agrees but never envisaged just how far she will have to go to break even.
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