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The Upskirt Exhibitionist   Gordon, Ray

The Upskirt Exhibitionist

2014 год.
Young Annette Declan inadvertently discovers the power of flashing her knickers when her father's boss calls round one evening. She plays the game again and again, until the man comes up with a proposition. He offers to promote her father if she shows him more of her young body. Consequently, her father is promoted. Her latent sexual desires roused, she practices her knicker flashing on other middle-aged men and is generously rewarded. Attractive, petite and fresh-faced with long blonde hair, Annette turns the men's heads with ease - especially when she parts her slender thighs and shows off her tight knickers. From one exploit to another, she leans what men want by mastering the art of upskirt flashing. Packed with voyeuristic thrills from start to finish, Ray Gordon explores both sides of the obsession of taking an upskirt peek ...
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