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The Master Of Shilden   Carrington, Lucinda

The Master Of Shilden

2014 год.
When successful interior designer Elise St John is offered a commission at a remote castle, she jumps at the chance to distance herself from a web of sexual and emotional entanglements. Yet, as she sets to work creating rooms in which guests will be able to realise their most erotic fantasies she finds herself indulging in fantasies of her own about two very different men. Blair Devlin - overtly sexy and self-confident - is a local riding instructor. Max Lannsen - the Master of Shilden - is darkly attractive but more remote. All they seem to have in common is their hatred for one another. Then, when Elise's sensual daydreams become reality, she discovers that each man's future depends on a decision she will soon be forced to make. To which of them does she really owe her loyalty?
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