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Confessions of a Working Girl   Miss S

Confessions of a Working Girl

125x200 288 страниц. 2012 год.
Miss S is smart, sassy, sexually frustrated and broke. With the rent money due, she spots an ad for a student job with a difference — in the massage parlour at the bottom of her road. Suddenly she can earn money doing something she is good at and get all the sex she needs. Offered a job on the spot by Mrs. B, an ex-working girl herself, quickly gets to grips with the rest of the girls. They include: Bella, the house "Domme"; Carry, the resident shrink; Tina, the house snitch; and Suzie, the amateur porn star. That's not to mention the cast of clients: Mr. Suck It Bitch, Mr. Gay, Mr. Pacemaker, Mr. Councillor and Mr. Willy Whacker... Confessions of a Working Girl is the true, intimate diary of extraordinary first year in a brothel and reveals exactly what a Gemini half hour really involves...
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