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Here's Patch the Puppy: Level 2: Teacher's Book   Joy Morris, Joanne Ramsden

Here's Patch the Puppy: Level 2: Teacher's Book

210x295 184 страниц. 2013 год.
Macmillan Education
Each level has six song-based units, with extra materials for festivals. The course follows the adventures of Patch, a loveable dog. Songs and TPR are the principle activity types with short, highly visual stories. Here's Patch the Puppy starts off with some gentle speaking activities for those children who are ready. Level 2 introduces some new characters, revising and building on the previous level and providing a full range of receptive and productive vocabulary games, slightly longer stories and more varied worksheets, in line with children's cognitive development. Key features: 80 full-colour pages containing six units A double page of stickers used to identify key vocabulary Four sheets of cardboard press-outs used at the end of each unit to perform the songs from the unit A Songs Audio CD containing the songs and chants used in the units Detailed teacher's notes including three optional activities per lesson, extra photocopiable worksheets and...
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